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10134 N. Port Wahington Rd.

Mequon, WI 53092

Tel: (262) 241-7088

Fax: (262) 241-8099


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   Tom Shea and Golf Is Easy

photo from: Tom Shea@ Kittansett- Collector's Edition Cover
of "Golf In The Kingdom"

Edgehill Consulting Group, Inc. is a golf business advisory service.

Since 1989 we have provided an eclectic mix of advice to a variety of clients.

  • Over 30 golf courses on a variety of subjects
  • Used as a resource by more than 10 appraisal companies
  • 4 Golf Software Companies
  • 3 Accounting Firms and more than 5 banks
  • Conducted over a dozen feasibility studies
  • Supervised construction of 2 golf courses
  • Managed a very successful daily fee golf course

Golf Course Photography by Paul Hundley

Our wide experience allows us the ability to address a wide range of issues within the golf community.

We have provided services to daily fee, municipal and private golf facilities along with a couple of non-profit organizations.

Edgehill is heavily oriented toward market research and has provided demographic research in a variety of areas. We have also developed some management analysis tools to help us evaluate our golf course clients.

These tools also help us provide service in valuation, acquisition assistance, personnel decisions and market analysis for our non - golf course clients and include:

  • Revenue and Expense Economic Models
  • Rate/Round Analysis Tools
  • Maintenance Expense Review
  • Time management and Cost/Benefit Analysis

Some of this material will be made available on this site.

To contact Edgehill via e-mail, click here.

We are currently looking for information in the following areas:

Are you a new golf course (open under 10 years) and have experienced “black layer” problems with your USGA Greens?

If you are the second (or more) owner of a new golf course (open under 10 years) and would be willing to participate in a confidential study.

Willing to share experience with Electronic Tee Sheet and/or Point of Sale software.

If you have any interest in participating in the above areas, please contact us via e-mail or call us at (262)-241-7088